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Girls Trip to California!

(Similar) TOP | (Similar) BELT |  SHORTS | SHADES There were so many good eats in Cali! In-N-Out and Churroholic were two of my favorites that we ate at. Some other places we went to were Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles Diner and Lemonade!!! Hi all, I wanted to share some pictures from my trip to California! I went with my… Continue reading Girls Trip to California!

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Style Spotlight: Rompers

Happy Monday loves!! If you follow me on Instagram, then you would have already seen some photos from my latest collaboration with Therapy Threads Boutique. This mother-daughter duo were so fun to work with and so kind to send me this tie-dye romper!! The material is very light-weight, and even though it has sleeves, is a… Continue reading Style Spotlight: Rompers

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Life Update: College Edition

Holy guacamole I just finished my first year of college (excuse the language but WTF!!). I seriously have no idea how the time flew by so quickly, but nonetheless it was a great way to begin my college experience. Being a bio major on the pre-med track did take its toll at times, resulting in… Continue reading Life Update: College Edition

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Favorite Moments of 2017!

Wow can you guys believe it, we officially start 2018 tomorrow!! So much has happened this year, including me launching my blog platform, that I wanted to share some of my favorite highlights from the year. I also want to thank you all so much for following along with me and leaving kind messages—I really… Continue reading Favorite Moments of 2017!

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My 5 Favorite Spotify Playlists!

Hi guys, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I though it would be fun to share with you all some of my favorite Spotify playlists!! Personally, I like to have some type of background music on 24/7 as I don't really like being in silence—except when I'm sleeping of course lol. Hope this… Continue reading My 5 Favorite Spotify Playlists!

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‘Tis the Season for Christmas & Cookie Bars!

OMG CAN YOU GUYS BELIEVE THAT CHRISTMAS IS ONLY 3 DAYS AWAY!!!!! I swear the holidays crept up so quickly, but nonetheless I am super excited (hence the all caps intro sentence haha). Last night around 9 or so I decided that I needed to get more into the holiday spirit and make some type… Continue reading ‘Tis the Season for Christmas & Cookie Bars!